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Low-Carb Fries – Best Substitute Yet!

One day a few weeks ago I was dying for some french fries.  Potatoes are out of the question, so I was looking online for some low-carb alternatives.

There are several veggies that work well:

  • Celeriac Français : Céleri-raveCelery Root (Celeriac): Those things look really ugly, like an off-white ball with squiggly things on the bottom side.  They are a pain to peel, but it’s well worth the effort.  Celery roots are really good when cut like shoestring fries and thrown into the Fry Daddy!  They don’t get as crisp as real fries, but somehow the flavor to me is better than the real thing.  I sprinkle them with some season salt when they’re done! YUMMMMY!!!


  • KohlrabiKohlrabi: Another veggie that I grew up with here in Germany.  I figured that kohlrabi is similar in texture to potatoes and the celery root, so I peeled one, cut it up, and fried it.  Those fries were okay but not as flavorful as the celery root.  In a pinch, these will do.  Kohlrabi is also very delicious when you eat it raw.  It makes an awesome snack and has almost half the amount of carbs than an apple.



  •  Jicama at a market in Taxco, MexicoJicamas: Couldn’t find any in Germany yet.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled, because the forums are buzzing with people raving about jicama fries.





This is how I prepared my yummy fries:  

  • Heat up lard (or fat of choice) in deep-fryer
  • Peel and cut root vegetable into french fries.  (Shoe-string type fries work best)
  • I double-fry mine:  Deep fry for a few minutes until half-way done & put in a bowl until the rest of the fries are done, then fry again until they’re getting a little bit brown, but don’t let them burn.
  • When finished, put them in a bowl lined with a paper towel, to keep them from getting too soggy.  Sprinkle with Season Salt or whatever seasoning you like.  Serve fresh.

Although these french-fries are not quite as crispy as their regular counterparts, they do burst with flavor, which you can’t say about potato french fries.  When I make my fries, I usually make a batch of normal fries for my husband, but my teenagers and I always wipe out the celery root fries.

Have you tried making low-carb fries with another vegetable?  How did they turn out?  My goal is to find the “ultimate” low-carb french fries recipe, even though, the celery root version comes pretty darn close to be the winner.


1 thought on “Low-Carb Fries – Best Substitute Yet!”

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