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Going on the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise

Yes, I’ve made up my mind!  I’m going on the next low-carb cruise!!!  There’s no turning back now – I already paid the deposit and May can’t come soon enough.

It was a tough decision, though.  I’ve been listening to low-carb podcasts for several months now and everybody made this huge deal about this cruise where a bunch of low-carbers and paleo folks did some sort of convention.  Everybody who has been to one of those cruises sounded so excited about this event, that I often thought that it would be really cool to go on one of them myself.  But who’s got the money? Plane tickets are not cheap if you fly in from Germany.  Who’s watching the cats? Can I get time off from work?

The crucial turning point came on my 40th birthday.  It was in the middle of the week, and I felt neglected and disappointed as I was sitting at my desk, waiting for my hubby and kids to call me in the office to wish me a happy birthday.  After lunch, my boss noticed that something was wrong.  After a while, he asked me:  “What is it that you’d really like to do one day?”  I thought for a minute and smiled as an idea popped into my head. “I want to go on the low-carb cruise.”  Yeah, if only I could…  He looked at me a bit puzzled and I had to explain what a low-carb cruise was.  He then said: “Just go.  You deserve it!  You’ve raised your kids all these years.  You took care of everyone in your family.  Do something for yourself.”

That evening, I went home and thought long and hard.  We are moving back to the States in January.  No, I can’t go on vacation that soon after moving!  We have to find a house, get settled, I have to find a new job, a cruise is too expensive… There were so many reasons why not to go. I asked my husband if he’d go with me, but he said he can’t take leave so soon after arriving at his new unit.  So great, I’d be going on my own… As I was going to sleep, my head was still spinning.  The fear of going on vacation alone (after being married for 20 years) and having to step out of my comfort zone by sharing a room with a stranger almost made me want to say no, but then I realized that this trip would be the opportunity of a life-time.  I’d get to go on a cruise for the first time.  I’d get to meet many of the experts I hear on my favorite podcasts.  Plus, I’ll finally meet some other real-life low-carbers (there aren’t many where I live now).  Also, we’re probably just getting settled at our new duty station when the cruise starts, by then I’m really going to be ready for some vacation.  And so I made up my mind to go.


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