Food Addiction, Low-Carb Diet

Monday – Day 1 Back on Low-Carb

Detox lunch
Image by zorbs via Flickr

Even though I don’t count days, I want this post to stick out to remind me of what a weekend-bender does to me.


Woke up with a great carb hang-over. I was groggy, as if I didn’t get enough sleep, and had a bad taste in my mouth. My legs were stiff as I went down the stairs and I noticed that my hands were really rough and dry this morning (I have psoriasis / eczema). I wasn’t very hungry, but ate a small low-carb breakfast.


Mid-morning, my head was aching a bit more. Probably the dreaded carb-withdrawal again. I’m still drinking my diet coke, don’t want to let go of both at the same time, as a matter of fact, I don’t know if I even want to give it up at all – maybe sometime down the road… I usually quit for 2-3 weeks and then get tired of water and then start-up again, so I’m still on the fence on quitting my diet coke.

Lunch at the mess hall was not spectacular. Had some green beans. For some reason they got rid of my real butter, now they only have Smart Balance – yuck! Also had a few slices of roast turkey. It was enough and I felt comfortable full when I was done… even left some food on the plate when I pushed it away. I just didn’t feel like eating anymore.

After I got back to the office, my head was beginning to throb again, so I took a Tylenol. Felt much better after 30 min. I don’t have any cravings.


Reheated some left-over spaghetti-squash and topped it with tomato sauce and cheese. Yummy. Finished off dinner with a square of dark 73% chocolate. The rest of the evening I spent calling my parents and catching up on Storm Chasers and Merlin, two of my favorite TV shows.  So, no food issues for the rest of the night.

What I’ve learned:

I feel crappy after a high-carb weekend. Well, that’s not exactly news to me, but it still sucks. Also, I was listening to Jimmy Moore’s Living La Vida Low-Carb Show Podcast with Todd Mohr while driving to and from work.  Todd Mohr is a chef who teaches cooking techniques and just recently went low-carb. He inspired me to not look at a cookbook today when fixing dinner and to just intuitively throw ingredients together for dinner. The result: A yummy spaghetti-squash dinner.


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