Binging, Food Addiction, Low-Carb Diet

This Can’t Go On!

Starting fresh from yet another weekend of bad choices.  Once I got started on this vicious carb-cycle again, I was done.  All good intentions for the weekend were out of the window and I stuffed myself with bready stuff, chocolate, chips, and carby side-dishes with meals.  Then I split a medium bag of popcorn with my son at the movies and kept on binging until last night, when we had BBQ ribs, with real BBQ Sauce (at least I picked the type without high-fructose corn syrup) and had rice on the side.  What a mess!

But as almost every week, come Monday morning, and I’m back on track.  This weekend’s damage amounted to a 3 lb gain, which will probably be gone again by the end of the week (when the cycle usually starts over again).
I’m hoping that by blogging my progress on a daily basis for a while, I can learn a little more about myself and find a way to get off this terrible roller-coaster ride and start living a normal life again.


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