Food Addiction, Low-Carb Diet

Tuesday – Day 2 Back on Low-Carb


This morning went much easier.  I was not as stiff as yesterday morning and I didn’t feel off at all.  Also stepped on the scale and was down almost 1.5 lbs.


I was very busy at work today, so food was the least thing on my mind.  For lunch I had left-over spaghetti squash and did not have any cravings.


Baked 2 chickens in the oven, cutting and chopping veggies while listening to podcasts in the kitchen.  While the chickens were in the oven, I threw some of the veggies in a pan and prepped a curry dish for a few lunches to take along to work.  I later added the left-over chicken and it turned out really well.  Had lots of fun cooking and by the time everything was done, I wasn’t really hungry anymore.  I cleaned the chicken carcasses and tossed them in the slow-cooker, covered them in water, added 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar and set it on low to make some bone-broth over the next 2 days (the last batch I made, which was also my first, was the bomb!)  Another successful day!

What I’ve learned:

Learned that I can enjoy working in the kitchen while being creative with food. It’s the perfect time to catch up on my podcasts.  Also found it fairly easy to prep a couple of extra lunches while I was waiting for food to cook.


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