Food Addiction, Low-Carb Diet

Wednesday – Day 3 Back on Low-Carb


Had a bit of a slow morning and felt a little groggy.  That did change, though, as soon as I was going to jump into the shower and I realized that we didn’t have any hot water.  So, what’s a girl to do?  There was no way I would go to work all icky and gross.  I psyched myself out and imagined that I was at the outdoor swimming pool and had to rinse off with that dreadful cold shower.  It worked and in record time I was squeaky clean – and wide awake.


Work was fun today.  We had some excitement with hundreds of troops being flown in and dropped into the training area for a large training rotation at the post I work at.  It was really cool watching these huge planes come in and dropping Soldiers – it kind of reminded me of the movie Red Dawn from the 80s with hundreds of paratroopers falling from the sky.  Wow!  So, between trying to actually getting some work done and running down the hall to watch the next wave come in, I almost forgot to eat my lunch (the chicken curry I made last night).  Needless to say, I had no particular thoughts about food.


I left work a little early today, so that the repair man could fix our water-heater.  I sure wouldn’t want to have another outdoor swimming pool experience again in the morning.  Not 30 minutes later, I stood in front of my kitchen sink with the water running.  Yay, it was bliss feeling warm water coming out of the faucet again…  You really don’t know how important some things are to you until you don’t have them.

I’m really not that hungry tonight.  After the big cooking action last night and still being full from lunch, I don’t think I want anything big, just want to take it easy.  When I got home I had about 3 slices of bacon and a breakfast sausage.  Right now as I’m typing this (a few hours later), I feel like I want to munch on something, I don’t know what, just want to eat something.  Yet, I’m not physically hungry.  After taking some time to think about why I’m having this nagging feeling in my stomach, I noticed that I’m a bit overwhelmed with stuff I need to get done and the show I want to watch tonight.  I think I’ll just write one more e-mail, finish my show and go to bed and read a bit to unwind.

What I’ve learned:

When getting nagging cravings for something, it really pays off to take a moment to ask yourself if you’re really hungry or if there’s something else that bothers you.  Then you can actually give that feeling a name, so to speak, and do something about it or just feel the feeling and let it pass.  Today, this tiny strategy worked for me.


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