Food Addiction, Low-Carb Diet

Saturday – Day 6 Back on Low-Carb – Danger Zone

My Monster Kitties

Yes, it’s Saturday and I’m off work for a 3-day weekend.  I did sleep in, about an hour past my usual wake-up time, and slowly made my way down-stairs to feed my little monster-kitties (see picture).

As I sat on the couch, trying to figure out what to do with my day, I remembered that I had some pictures that I needed to download from my cameras.  Organizing, cropping, tagging, and adding descriptions in Photoshop took a little while and I was thankful when my husband brought me a small plate with a sunny-side up egg and 2 1/2 breakfast sausages he had cooked up.  Once I had my photo project completed and my files backed up, I finally got in the shower and got myself ready for a trip to post and into town to get some shopping done with hubby.

While at the German grocery store, I picked up a nice, big celeriac (the root of a celery stalk) to make some low-carb french fries.  Don picked up a small bag of frozen curly fries for himself.  As we were nearing the registers, he stopped at the chips display to pick some snacks to munch on while doing some college work later on this evening.  I helped him look for some croissant sticks, but after a minute or two, I felt some cravings creeping up and I had no intentions to cave in.  So I told him that I needed to walk away, before the switch in my head flips and my all-or-nothing mentality takes over.  He understood and we paid for our groceries.  My cravings dissipated shortly after.

Image by Roel via Flickr

For dinner, we had rib-eyes and fries.  I topped my celeriac fries, which I had seasoned with season-all after I fried them in lard, with some mayonnaise and sprinkled a bit of curry powder on top.  Yummy!  In Germany, many people top their fries with mayo, and/or ketchup.  We also eat a lot of curry-wurst, a big hot-dog (about the diameter of a bratwurst), slice it, and top it with curry sauce (a hot ketchup sauce with a bit of curry in it) and sprinkle it with curry powder. Curry wursts usually are served with fries, which you also dip into the sauce (see picture on right).  It tastes like heaven!  But since commercial ketchup is out for me, mayo and curry powder work really well as condiments for fries.

When I was getting ready to go to bed, I noticed that I overdid it with the rib-eye steak and the fries and felt a bit nauseous.  I popped 2 tums, hoping it’ll take the yucky feeling away.  Eventually I felt better and drifted off to sleep while listening to some low-carb / paleo podcasts.

What I’ve learned:

Removing myself from a situation that causes cravings helps me to think clear again.  Then I can make a decision, if I really want to go down the path of binging or I can figure out what I really want, something crunchy, sweet, salty, if anything at all.  Maybe a low-carb version of the food will do the trick.


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